About Unblocked Online

Unlike other Slither-style io games, unblocked turns you into a snake with a laser. The gameplay of this snake game multiplayer browser game is also different a bit. You make your way through the map trying to kill a lot of rivals and eat foods to make your snake longer. You can use some tactics with good strategies to kill the snakes. If they hit the border, themselves, or your body, they will be destroyed instantly, leaving a lot of foods on the ground. You aim for this tasty pool of foods because it will be your size much larger than ever. So go for it but make sure you protect yourself while trying to eat them, or else somebody will sneak up on you and kill you. When your size is larger, you can see more people with food on the map, making your hunts much more interesting but also more challenging. You aim to become the most feared laser snake in the arena. Play free now!

How to play

Steer your snake using arrow keys or WASD. Speed it up by using the spacebar.

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